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A Safe & Healthy Pregnancy

The birth of your child will be one of the most thrilling and gratifying experiences in your life. This should be made as safe and pleasant as possible for both you and your baby. We will endeavor to help you achieve this goal.
You should present to your obstetrician as early as possible in your pregnancy, ideally before 12 weeks. Your obstetrician should then assess your general health and 12

Each Antenatal Clinic Appointments:

Before 28 Week Gestation:

28 Week Gestation:

28 to 36 Week Gestation:

36 Week Gestation Hospital Antenatal Clinics:

40-41 Week Gestation Hospital Antenatal Clinic:

How and when to seek medical advice:
You can call your obstetrician regardless of the hour, at (304)-766-9600, there is 24 hours answering service at hand, for any concern that you may have during pregnancy. Especially the following:

Pain relief during childbirth:

Monitoring during childbirth: