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Things to Bring

You will need the following maternity clothes in the hospital.



What to Bring to the Hospital When Having a Baby - For the Baby
Along with the above mentioned things, it is also essential to pack a few things for the baby. You can pack all the following things for the baby in a separate bag. The following is a list of what to take to the hospital when having a baby for the baby.

*These things are provided by the hospital, hence, they may not be mandatory to pack. However, if you wish to have things that you are comfortable in, you can always carry your own brands and favorites.

Installed infant car seat is a must if you are taking the baby home in a car. If not installed, the hospital may not allow you to take the baby home in your car. If your partner or labor coach accompanies you, the person needs to pack clothes, toiletries, snacks, money, etc. for himself. He can also carry video camera (if allowed), massage oils, hot packs, watch with second hand, etc. Nearly all the above mentioned things can be gotten from a supermarket.

In case a cell phone is not allowed, you can carry a call card. On the other hand, the following are the things that should NOT be brought to the hospital when having a baby:

This is an answer to your query, 'what to bring to the hospital when having a baby'. Lastly, do not forget to pack the bags and keep them in you car to avoid forgetting it amidst labor.